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Stacked stone

The classic elegance of a stone wall combined with the simplicity of a paneling system. This wall does not require special wall nor floor reinforcement, which results in easy installation. Standard dimensions: Up to 10" deep, 80" wide and 8' high. Custom dimension available. Your imagination is our only limit!


Streamlined look

Simplicity is the hallmark of these natural finished panels. They provide the amazing look and feel of a dry stacked stone wall.


Bottom shelf added

Add a distinctive touch by embedding a bottom shelf into the stone block. Can be offset to the left, right or centered.


Shelf over fireplace

The classic. In addition to enhanced aesthetics, the position of the shelf is perfect for deflecting heat. As with the other options, both the shelves and the stone blocks are available in any of our 6 Open Cast colors.


Two floating shelves

A transitional design that is modern, clean-lined and which incorporates textural elements to the stone wall.


TV support

A section of the stone can be reinforced with wood and made ready to receive your TV support. Option available with all the four above.


TV niche

The stone can also be carved in before being reinforced as to create a niche for your TV. This allows it to be flush with your stacked stone wall.

Six color options

As is the case with all of our cast stone fireplace mantels, the new stacked stone mantels are available in any of our 6 Open Cast colors.

Natural Open Cast color close-up


Limestone Open Cast color close-up


Ash Open Cast color close-up


Buff Open Cast color close-up


Chocolate Open Cast color close-up


Gray Open Cast color close-up


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Our limit is your imagination!