Based on the centuries-old classical European castle design, the Provencial's powerful but simple entablature
is supported by twin pilasters; this model’s strong suit is its large flexibility for customized applications.
This stone mantel does not require special wall nor floor reinforcement for an easy installation.
Standard dimensions

Custom sizes available.

Standard dimensions Custom MAX. (no minimum)
(A) Total Width 72" C + 24"
(B) Total Height 52" D + 10"
(C) Opening Width 48" up to 66"
(D) Opening Height 42" up to 52"
(E) Shelf Depth 12" R + 11"
(F) Leg Width 8" 8" (cannot be changed)
(G) Leg Depth (toe) 3 ½" R + 2 ½"
(R) Return 1" up to 18"
Available colors
Available in any of our 6 Open Cast colors.
End results
Design is in the details. Explore the Provencial in the extended gallery.