Picture Frame

Our Picture frame series allows you to have a stunning custom mantel while being budget friendly.
This series can accommodate a wide range of fireplaces.
These timeless and classic models were designed to always be in style and to expertly frame and enhance your fireplace.

Choose one of the 3 Grand Stock models
For these models the shipping is faster! Our Grandstock picture frame series is an all around winner.
Flexibility without compromise
The Picture Frame Series cast stone fireplace mantels are designed to fit your imagination. Each mantel was specifically curated to compliment any fireplace allowing you to achieve your ultimate vision.

With 23 models and 6 colors, you can add a modern look to any design.

Crisp and Sharp

This fireplace surround features sharp lines and angles to strongly frame your fireplace and help create a strong focal point in the room. Skilfully framing the firebox will help draw eyes toward this stunning fireplace mantel making it the center of any room.


The Perfect Duo

Just the right amount of strong lines and curvature are what make this fireplace mantel the total package. Two unique opposing design features at harmony with each other to allow for a beautiful fireplace frame.


Any room... any design
Our fireplace mantels can be used in a multitude of spaces. Our products are designed to be customized in each aspect, allowing you the room to design and create your dream room. Our cast stone picture frame mantels have been created with the latest design trends in mind while remaining eternal and classic.
4116.8-GS | Shown in Ash Open Cast4116.8-GS | Shown in Natural Open Cast
Color Options
As is the case with all of our cast stone fireplace mantels, the picture frame stone mantels are available in any of our 6 Open Cast colors.
Choose the look that fits your vision
Browse through our various picture frame fireplace mantels to find the style and aesthetic that complements your vision. Our cast stone fireplace mantels will give you the flexibility, quality and precision that your space deserves.