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DRACME’s new order and quote software
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DRACME is always at the cutting edge of technology and once again we innovate with our new and improved online order and quote software. Thanks to this new tool, never before has it been easier to order one of our products or to get a quote for a standard or customized project.

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One of our software's biggest advantages is that it is updated in real time. This way, you always instantly have access to our new products and you can order what you want!

Furthermore, the software's precision and reliability makes it a universal reference for any customer. Might you be a hearth product retailer, a building contractor, a designer or an end user looking for a price, you can use the Dracme's online software to simplify your project's realization and to answer all your mantels needs.

Try it! You'll see your ideas take form in a matter of minutes.


Case study – Custom Mantel (New-Yorker with shelf)
Lynda's Advice
Sometimes, a customer will not find satisfaction with our regular mantel line. This is why DRACME doesn’t hesitate to propose custom solutions that fit your needs.
Bassemier’s Fireplace, experienced this first hand when one of their customers asked something quite unorthodox ...

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Old Software VS
New Software

I always liked when a manufacturer provided alternate ways to get quotes out of the regular stores opening hours.

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