For some years now, we have noticed an increase in custom fireplace mantel projects. If we go back 5 years only, 10% of orders were custom made but now, it is nearly half and half.

DRACME did a lot of efforts to improve its custom mantels production. Our Elizabeth (which's width couldn't be modified only 2 years ago) can now take the size of your choosing.

What is important to understand; projects, may they look out of this world or not, can be produced in the majority of cases. Year in and out, DRACME had to face new challenges; ranging from the 16" high mantel to the hole-in-the-wall mantel frame. This industry is driven by custom orders, do not hesitate to submit your special projects. Our design team will evaluate feasibility ad will submit you the possibilities.

You can visit our website to see many examples of on-scale computer assisted drawings (CAD) produced by our team on a customer's request.

Customization is simpler than you think! Just give it a try!

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Case study – Varennes
Lynda's Advice
Boutique L'Attisé had a very particular request for their customer in Varennes.

This customer had a raised fireplace that wasn't dry walled yet. Also, we had quite a challenge since we had to integrate heat vents pipes to the overmantel's structure.

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Some tricks of the trade for your fireplace mantels and surrounds:

The first obstacle people encounter when they are planning their hearth facings projects is the need for customization.

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