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Online retailers can be
three times as expensive as advertised!
These companies advertise and conclude the sale on
the lowest possible price while exempting a lot of items in "fine prints".
Would you buy a house from a catalog?
Of course not, then why risk it when considering the purchase of a fireplace mantel? If you see and touch the actual product, you have a lot less chance to get scammed. Online retailers will sell you the product with only a photo to base your judgment. Brick and mortar stores will show you the display unit(s) and guide you through various options.
Are you an expert fireplace mantel installer?
Chances are you’re not. The online retailer will deliver the mantel (charging delivery of course) and leave you like that. If you want it totally installed, you will have to pay an extra. Retail outlets will deliver your mantel and install it for you. Even more, most of the time, the retailer will have come to your house to take the necessary measurements to make sure the mantel fits and doesn’t need customization.
Would you buy a normal car
without a hood and wheels?
Most online retailers will not include filler panels and hearth for their mantel, and will not ask if you need them. If you want to order them, you have to know it beforehand. If you order the panels after, you’ll pay extra shipping as well as having to wait on delivery to install your product.
In the end, most customers should go to retail outlets. Even if you don’t buy from them, at least you will probably learn something useful about your own hearth product.

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