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News Letter, January 17, 2008
Dracme's Cast Stone fireplace mantle surrounds have been adorning home hearths for over ten years now, as can be seen from our Website's Photo Gallery.

One particular picture gets lots of the Oohs and Aahs, and that is photo #29. It shows our Provencial with a standard set of filler panels topped with our Classic Upper-Mantle in its 3-D pyramid format.

Well one particular Lady was really inspired by good old #29 and felt that she had finally found the Look she wanted to surround the stand alone firebox just sitting there in her second story Grand Room.

So she called us to find out how much larger we could make the over-mantle and if we could combine it with the Elizabeth instead of the Provencial.

We are proud of our Customizing capabilities here at Dracme; our design team validates each project, our production team pre-assembles the components and our quality control department puts on the finishing touches. We then ensure that all components mesh together properly, pack each one in its own custom crate and prepare the lot for shipping.

So, our particular #29 Lady was very satisfied with the resulting finished product. Her husband was really surprised that the installation took less than a day and that he didn't need to reinforce this second story floor. The whole family is now enjoying their new Hearth and the Lady beams with pride at all the Oohs and Aahs now coming from her dinner guests.
Here are some pictures of the various phases of this project's installation.
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