Fireplace surrounds
The standard series offers different models to choose from and are designed specifically for flush mount fireplaces.
A 3/4" reveal is available inside the opening to accommodate our optional slab kit for perfect adjustment, simply slide the three slabs in and out of the jambs and you have a perfect fit as you can see on these pictures. This reveal is also good for you to use marble or granite.
Standard series
  Monarch Series Monarch Series
The Monarch Series makes it possible to you to choose between the elegance of the 4 mantels, which reflect the beauty of art and of the 3 uppermantels that complete special vision of a rich interior.
  Estate Series Estate Series
This collection offers a beautiful appearance, gives the satisfaction of a cordial atmosphere, by combining the traditional style with the modern style, being able to be always appreciated.
  Townhouse Series Townhouse Series
Of a new concept the Townhouse Series impresses with its harmonious style, accentuates the simplicity of the design, by giving the possibility of adapting in any type of house.
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